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Kanaph's Wings


velvet twilight

Dwelling in the secret place

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Shin my lovely F-16
Kanaph's Wings
Just a couple of photos to test my flaky account. :>

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Beauuuutiful!! Lovely photography and boy ;)

Thank you, Helene! I still have a long way to go to faceup as beautiful as you do! Sorry for my lack of comments... I try on my phone and fail too mostly... so frustrating! It is so hit and miss with not being able to log in.

such a cutie * 3 *
damn i love your kids

Aaah! Hello there, Hon! thank you so much! :D

Glad the account was working for this!
I like how he's working the "sweet" angle in the first shot, and more "bad boy" in the second.
Looking great!

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