veltwi (veltwi) wrote,

~Waiting~ on receiving a Dollshe Saint (DSAM32s OE Freshskin)

I have never made a entry before, so I am only testing at this time:)

I may write about interest in BJD here. the dolls I have/have interest in... I don't know If I have the nerve, I'm a very awkward person at best. My name is "velvet" on DoA if anyone is interested. You can find me there playing around most days :)

At the moment I am ~Waiting~ on receiving a Dollshe Saint (DSAM32s OE Freshskin) I ordered him 07/08/09~  blank and without any frills.
I'm wondering if I may have overpaid. I paid $750.00 plus the shipping through my paypal (bank transfer). I noticed a few days after I paid for him that other people minused the 4% for paypal fees if they did bank transfer not using CC or debit. I don't know, I'm a little confused. I have asked about this on the Dollshe order board and not received an answer yet.

Tags: dsam
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