veltwi (veltwi) wrote,

Received Dollshe Saint ^___^

Yay! I received my Dollshe DSAM32s OE freshskin Saint on Tuesday! Well, actually on Monday, but I missed the postman and had to go get him on Tuesday at the postoffice ^^ My Husband drove me there and I was  so exicted to get him- been wanting a Dollshe of some sort for ages!

He is beautiful!!!... So tall and lanky :) I'm still learning how to make him sit. Do I need to pull his hip so out of joint to sit him???

He is sitting Inuyasha style :)

I'm testing out eyes for him... You can not see it well, but here he is wearing a 11mm Eyeco ebony eye and a 13mm Eyeco green hazel eye.

Tags: dsam saint
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